CoD Black Ops: Annihilation DLC


Hangar 18

My main responsibility at Raven Software as the designer on Hangar 18. I worked on the pitch for Treyarch, including the topdown layout. I created the BSP layout in CoDRadiant and worked closely with the environment artists to establish the themes for each map section. I made numerous iterations to the flow and the vantage points based on playtests done at Raven –as well as feedback from level designers at Treyarch.  I tuned the level for gameplay elements such as respawns, starting positions, balance between engagements, and different gamemodes.

This is a survey of the map where popular CoD player, xJawz, has an incredible first game on Hangar 18 (part skills, part luck, and part intuitive level design –I’d like to think).

*The above video is the product of numerous hard-working, talented, and awesome persons