FLOAT Hybrid Entertainment


FLOAT Hybrid is an amazing place that flies a bit under the radar for Gaming.  They’re a small group of prototyping ninjas in San Francisco.  They’ve created a lot of visuals and UX for cutting-edge technologies. While I was there I worked on a Kinect title that was never released (but it was AWESOME). However, I’m also proud of this prototype we created for fun, and it was sent out to the public:

The prototype was for a 3rd-person music sequencer in a game environment. You can build your own music using a Kinect-driven character. Each wall is a music sequencer with switches (buttons) that map to sounds. The central triangle pads are the beats of the drum machine. The buttons on the four walls correspond to different pitches and notes. You spray them with your right hand to turn on switches and your left hand to erase. Slapping the objects in the corners will alter the tempo.

I was the principal designer for implementation, working from goals laid out by the Creative Director. I created the environment footprint, and did all of the Kismet scripting: toggling the lights and sounds, changing tempo and resetting everything.

*The above video is the product of numerous hard-working, talented, and awesome persons — especially all the FX in this
**Also that’s not me playing

All of the sounds and interaction with the environment was run in Kismet. It’s really noodly (it was a prototype), but it ran from this: