FSW: Ten Hammers


On FSW: Ten Hammers, I got my first opportunity as a designer. I primarily worked on the multiplayer component with the lead multiplayer designer. I completed three of the MP maps. The map goals were really ambitious and the VS gameplay was ahead of its time.

We had story elements and fictionalized objectives for each map, so each map was really it’s own game mode. For instance, CTF was the base gameplay on one of my maps, so I contextualized the goals with a backstory about finding a stash of diamonds in a warzone. Some of the Versus maps could be played with 2, 3, or even 4 teams competing for multiple win conditions. The standard win condition was to eliminate the enemy, but we also had side-specific objectives (e.g. destroying a radio tower).  As a result of finishing objectives, each map had scripted moments that changed the balance of power, usually gaining reinforcements.  Oh, and all this featured Attack/Defend factions with asymmetrical abilities and different control schemes.

The MP video I used to have here has vanished, but here’s a video showing the SP gameplay so you can see how the basic movement worked: