Personal Projects


I’ve had a lot of fun making some games for my daughters to play. I started this “Blue Witch” project a couple of years ago. It’s based on characters that they came up with for bedtime stories when they were even younger than they are now.

I used RPG Maker XP to make a retro-looking game that involves some of the characters they came up with.



For the second part of the game, I added a new environment and some mini-games. The scripting in RPG Maker is mostly built around the RPG formula, but I found I could change the monster combat into a math game.



About a year ago I decided the game needed a full remake. My kids initially said they didn’t imagine their characters to be as cartoony as I’d made them in RPG Maker. Using Unreal4, I’ve been working with them to make this new version.

Note: the initial screen is just a randomizer to determine who’s turn it is. It turned out to be one of the game’s best features. I wish more all kids products would also immediately establish who’s going first.