The Saboteur


I was the principal designer for two of the main story-arc missions (“Repo Man” and “The Needs of the Few…”) as well as some connecting escort missions. I used Lua for scripting all the mission events, objectives, triggers, etc. I also used Lua for rewards tables and played a role in implementing the Contraband economy.

This video shows a moment of gameplay I’m especially proud of. The execution stage required a tremendous amount of scripting because of the numerous ways the player could approach the encounter. I did a lot of funneling to provide a good sniper vantage point on the stage (like the video shows), but players could also burst into the gates driving a tank, or sneak around the perimeter and enter from multiple access points. The execution scripting accounted for taking out the executioner at any time. Accounting for the edge cases in script paid off by giving the player more emergent gameplay. I really enjoyed seeing QA come up with some crazy ways of defeating the executioner — even when it broke the mission and required a fix.

*The above video is the product of numerous hard-working, talented, and awesome persons